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Friday 1 September 2017

The rkhunter (1.4.2) update issue

I found that the rkhunter v1.4.2 (Debian distro, I don't know about other flavors or versions) had a strange problem. Installed for the first time, I can not update it: 
host:/root# rkhunter --update
Invalid WEB_CMD configuration option: Relative pathname: "/bin/false"
Fixing this in config file (/etc/rkhunter.conf) by removeing /bin/false between quotes I had another error:
ns3:/etc# rkhunter --update
[ Rootkit Hunter version 1.4.2 ]

Checking rkhunter data files...
Checking file mirrors.dat                            [ Skipped ]
Checking file programs_bad.dat                       [ Update failed ]
Checking file backdoorports.dat                      [ Update failed ]
Checking file suspscan.dat                           [ Update failed ]
Checking file i18n versions                          [ Update failed ]
So, digging a little bit I found the following solution. All you need is to replace the followings in the /etc/rkhunter.conf file:
From WEB_CMD="/bin/false" to WEB_CMD=""
The funny thing is that in the rkhunter.conf comments, the recommended values are good. :)

Friday 30 June 2017

GoldenEye? No! Tuesday! And is much worse!

Tuesday's massive outbreak of malware that shut down computers around the world has been almost universally blamed on ransomware, which by definition seeks to make money by unlocking data held hostage only if victims pay a hefty fee. Now, some researchers are drawing an even bleaker assessment—that the malware was a wiper with the objective of permanently destroying data.

Full story here: