Tuesday 12 September 2017

The magic of REISUB

When everything goes wrong and you graphic interface (X) will stop responding (dead, hung, freeze etc.) there is a magic word who can save you from a disastrous reboot by powering down your computer

First, type "R" (the letter) while holding down Alt and SysRq (PrintScrn). This shortcut can give you the contorl over the keyboard letting you to switch to console mode (Ctrl-Alt-Fx, while x is is your terminal as F1, F2 etc.). If this is not working you can try the next step:

Type the phrase “REISUB” while holding down Alt and SysRq (PrintScrn) with about 1 second between each letter. Your system will reboot. 

For a shutdown, REISUO will do the trick. :)

But what are those letters do?

r – Puts the keyboard into raw mode, taking control of it away from the X server.
e – Sends the terminate signal to all processes, asking them to end gracefully.
i – Sends the kill signal to all processes, forcing them to end immediately.
s – Flushes data from your cache to disk.
u – Remounts all file systems read-only.
b – Reboots your computer.
o - Shutdown your computer.

You can try step by step one the letters, maybe you are lucky enough to gain control over your computer without rebooting (the letter B).

An Ubuntu cheat sheet could be found here: https://files.fosswire.com/2008/04/ubunturef.pdf


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